SOS VAALCO has developed the Safety Observation Scheme (SOS) Card which is a behaviorbased safety (BBS) observation process used to identify unsafe work practices or unsafe workplace conditions. This process enables observers to provide feedback following an observation. VAALCO collects the data from each observation to perform trend analysis for the development of appropriate action plans to address unsafe behaviors.

Oil Spill Response

VAALCO’s emergency management team will coordinate responses to oil or hazardous material (HAZMAT) spills that originate from VAALCO offshore and shore-side facilities or assets. This includes complying with Gabon notification requirements. Workers who observe or discover a spill from a VAALCO facility or asset will take the following actions:

  1. Ensure the safety of all personnel. Anyone who observes the spill should act carefully, cautiously and reasonably.
  2. Notify the facility PIC and/or control room operator immediately.
  3. Qualified personnel should take actions that may include, but are not limited to:
    • – Shutting in the well(s) and/or vessel(s)
    • – Closing the surface and/or subsurface (automatic or manual) safety device(s)
    • – Actuating emergency shutdown (ESD) device(s)
    • – Actuating blowout prevention (BOP) assembly and well control system(s)

Contractors are responsible for developing and maintaining oil and hazardous material response plans for spills that originate from their property, facilities, or assets, including vessels.

Emergency Response and Drills

Emergency drills are routinely conducted at VAALCO facilities. To ensure familiarity with the emergency procedures, VAALCO conducts drills as if an actual emergency exists. All workers present at the facility during the time of the drill are required to participate. All contract facilities or vessels working in the VAALCO production field shall comply with this or a similar process. For specific guidelines, refer to the VAALCO Emergency Response Plan.

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